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> Data collection – 2. purpose: management of our website 

Data collection – 2. purpose: management of our website 

What data?

Cookies Management

All information about our cookies can be found in our cookie policy.


Connection details (such as your IP address which can identify your approximate location and/or the name of your Internet service provider) ; The URL of the web page that made the request to the Service.

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Our website hosts various links to social media services (example: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) that allow you to share content with other users. We inform you that your IP address is then transmitted to the social network in question. We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information related to your browsing our site and associated with the personal data they hold. For more information about the purpose and scope of data processing by the social network, as well as your rights in this regard and to set options to protect your privacy, please see the privacy policy of the social network in question.


Date and time of visit; Name of page viewed ; Quantity of data viewed ; IP address ; Reference URL ; Browser type ; Browser version ; User's operating system ; Internet service provider ; etc.

Who is concerned?

All users of our website.


  • Adapt the content of our website, based on your usage habits;
  • To offer you a more personalized and simplified browsing experience, for example, when you visit our website, information about your visit to our site is recorded in so-called "logfiles", which are stored on the server. This data is used by us exclusively for statistical purposes to make our website more user-friendly. However, we reserve the right to investigate these logfiles further in the event of concrete suspicion of illegal use of our website.

In addition, we use Polyfill Service software. The program provides small sections of code, called "polyfills". They ensure that pages that are actually designed for modern browsers can also be used with older browsers. When you visit a website that uses Polyfill Service, your browser will download the Polyfills needed to successfully display the site. The company's privacy policy can be found here (https://polyfill.io/docs/privacy-policy).

On what legal basis?

  • Consent: in fact, we have set up an "active opt-in" system on our website. Thus, we obtain your consent prior to the deposit of cookies on your device. You can change your choice and preferences at any time. We also invite you to browse our cookie policy for more information on this subject (such as the type of cookies used and the lifetime of these cookies).
  • Our legitimate interest: certain cookies and other technologies are essential to the proper functioning of our Website. It is in our legitimate interest to use this type of cookies and other technologies in order to best manage the operation of our Website. Under no circumstances will the data collected for this purpose be processed for other incompatible purposes.