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German Desk

Brussels is the capital of Europe. Important decisions are made here every day. They define the legal framework of our continental economy and have an impact on our life as European citizens.

Where it’s happening

Large numbers of companies have understood that they must be present in Brussels, because this is where it’s happening, where favourable encounters can lead to developing their activity. The real “place to be”!


Those who establish themselves with their company in our capital (or any other Belgian city) are rapidly confronted with our legislation, and let’s not forget the language barrier.

This is where the experts of the German desk intervene. Highly qualified, multilingual and dedicated. Whether it’s getting established in Belgium, creating a subsidiary, reaching out to the political world, associations or authorities, we will support you in your procedures in a simple and pragmatic manner.


Our quality is your security

More than 2500 clients in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany appreciate our quality and have relied on us for many years. The medium size of our group is an asset: it allows us to benefit from greater synergy while offering you a personalised follow-up. With over 150 highly qualified employees, our experience and wide range of services make all the difference.


We have become a privileged intermediary in the areas of tax, finance and organisation. We provide national and cross-border consulting in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany. Whatever the nature of your request, we will reply to it with pragmatism, foresight and a focus on results.


A wide network of specialists

All the employees of thg German Desk have access to a wide network of active specialists within thg. We are able to respond to all your questions, whether they are about the creation or the acquisition of a company, questions related to commercial law, consolidation, estate planning, EU regulations or requests for aid at a national or European level.


Furthermore, our staff are in regular contact with external partners: banks, lawyers, notaries, ICT specialists or experts in interaction with authorities. All of them at your service.


Quality, prudence & foresight

Each member of our team fully adheres to the values and the philosophy of thg. Quality and reliability as well as prudence and foresight are all part of our DNA. This allows our clients to focus on their core business and in all circumstances, to stay ahead of the events. The quality of our work contributes to the security and prosperity of your activity.


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